why am I blogging?

One question has prevented me from being brave enough to put myself out there for some time:

Who on earth would be interested in anything I have to say?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and I have a busy brain – full of ideas, thoughts and opinions on the world, bursting to get out.

I love family, friends, travel, technology, the outdoors, art, books, experiencing new things and places – too many things to keep listing.

I can appear to be very outgoing, but in truth I’m an introvert at heart. It comes from always having been a deep thinker, my dad spotted that straight away and he was right.

So I decided to buck my trend of overthinking, stop worrying if anyone would read it and start a blog regardless, to capture some of those thoughts and experiences in my life as a moment in time.

So here it starts, yours, personal &  professional me :o)